Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CISCO Named As Sponsor of X PRIZE Energy & Enviornment Prize Group


The X PRIZE Foundation is pleased to announce that Cisco has been named the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the Foundation’s Energy & Environment Prize Group, which aims to incentivize a new era of clean, renewable and cost-effective energy. The goal of the partnership is to generate breakthroughs in climate change, water resource management, energy distribution and storage, clean energy, and energy efficiency/use.

“Cisco strives to help people work, live, play and learn in a more environmentally sustainable way,” stated Robert K. Weiss, President & Vice Chair, X PRIZE Foundation. “Together, we’ll drive innovation through the design and execution of large-scale competitions to address environmental and energy challenges. By tapping into the ‘human network,’ this partnership will be a force for positive change across the globe.”

As a global company focused on innovation, Cisco is making incredible strides in developing technologies that are designed to help curb—and which ultimately may help reverse—the current climate trend. Also, as part of the Energy & Environment Prize Group, Cisco will be the Category Sponsor of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

By: Stephanie Schneider, Associate, Partnerships

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