Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Save the Date - X PRIZE to Host Second Radical Benefit for Humanity

You may have seen the teaser in CNET last week but we’re here to make the official announcement, that, yes, it’s confirmed!!!

The X PRIZE is hosting a second “Radical Benefit for Humanity” on May 15, 2010 in San Francisco. Thanks to friend Richard Kerris, CTO of Lucasfilm, the benefit will be held at the Letterman Digital Arts Center of the Presidio of San Francisco, which boasts amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts. All we need is great weather so we can enjoy the views!

Yes, Yoda and XPF Chairman/CEO, Peter Diamandis, along with Event Co-Chairs Larry Page, Sergey Brin and James Cameron, will welcome guests like the X PRIZE Board of Trustees and Honorary Committee Members including Arianna Huffington, Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, Chad Hurley, Reid Hoffman, Adeo Ressi, the Honorable Gavin Newsom, Zem Joaquin and Ingrid Vanderveldt.

Given that the last event was a fabulous success we’re hoping to raise money for the Foundation by selling tables and by hosting a live auction, all while having a FANTASTIC time, of course.

For the latest news and updates on the event, check out the event website!

For more information on Table Sales, please contact Meghan Murphy (Meghan@xprize.org)

A few photos from the first X PRIZE "Radical Benefit for Humanity" in 2007.

XPF Chairman/CEO, Peter Diamandis, with Actor Robin Williams

XPF Board Member, Anousheh Ansari, takes the stage

Sir Richard Branson talks with Google's Larry Page and Eric Schmidt

Foundation mission: "To Provide Radical Breakthroughs for the Benefit of Humanity"

By: Meghan Murphy, Director, Alliances

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2ga06 said...

How about an X-prize for the first group to develop a fix for the oil leak. Can't think of someone making more of an immediate impact to save our environment and millions of livelihoods before it's too late. What we need is design thinking to the nth degree and we need it fast!