Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Different Kind of X PRIZE Press

The communications department is one of the most exciting areas here at X PRIZE (ok, call me biased), but it’s true. It’s not just about securing the best media placement (although that is the "bread and butter" of the communications world), but Michael (my trusty manager) and myself spend our days fielding inquiries from reporters, creating press releases and media alerts, developing our monthly newsletter and of course, keeping up with X PRIZE and our Board of Trustees in the news. Much of our work is dedicated to the Foundation and our prizes, but every now and again comes a time when a grand affair steps onto the scene. I can only be talking about the upcoming X PRIZE “Radical Benefit for Humanity” in May.

What makes this exciting for us PR folk, is that we get to showcase the Foundation in a different light. It’s a different story to tell. Not only do we get to highlight our amazing Board of Trustees and Vision Circle Members, our Alliances department is already working hard to secure a mix of “Who’s Who” in the business, philanthropy, science, entrepreneurial, etc. sector. Coverage of this event (oh, and coverage there will be) will make a splash across the social scene, from event calendars to society pages. It’s a new angle that we get to promote on X PRIZE’s behalf, and, well, it’s always fun to mix things up.

So, these next couple of months we’ll be working closely with our PR team (shout out to Tom and Natalie at Kirvin Doak Communications) to ensure that people are reading about the X PRIZE “Glam” (it does come out every once and while). It’s time to get excited about the most important soiree of the year - ok, called me biased, again ;)

By: Valerie Arias, Associate, Communications

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