Thursday, December 4, 2008

The World Food Prize

(photo source: USA Today)

You may not know this, but about a month ago, former senators Bob Dole and George McGovern got the World Food Prize, also known as the Nobel Prize for Hunger.

Here's the full story:
Two former U.S. senators will be honored this week for their work in creating an international fund to help feed children around the world, the World Food Prize Foundation said.

Bob Dole and George McGovern — both former U.S. presidential candidates — established their George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Nutrition Program in 2000.

The school-feeding program, funded primarily through the U.S. Congress, has provided more than 22 million meals to children in 41 countries, the foundation said.

The program is credited with boosting school attendance by 14% overall, and 17% for girls, who are often kept at home to work, but are more likely to be allowed to attend schools that provide a meal, according to a news release announcing the award.

Dole and McGovern will be awarded the World Food Prize on Thursday, a distinction that some observers have called the Nobel Prize for hunger. The 1994 World Food Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus went to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his "efforts to create economic and social development from below."

The World Food Prize includes a $250,000 cash award, to be split between Dole and McGovern.

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