Monday, December 22, 2008

Re-establishing NASA's Leadership

Chairman/CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, Peter Diamandis, recently wrote about how NASA should reposition itself, now that a new administration is coming on board. He writes:
As President-Elect Obama takes office, NASA stands positioned to benefit from the change and enthusiasm brought by his new Administration. Five years out from the announcement of a new vision for America's Space Exploration program, important lessons about what NASA should be doing and how it can best meet those goals are available, and must be learned. So long a source of national pride and inspiration as well as cutting edge research, NASA is now losing its position of world leadership. Thankfully, the ingenuity and the talent necessary to reassert America's pre-eminence are still hardwired into the fabric of this nation. NASA and its peer agencies can be in a position to efficiently tap into it and direct it.
He further lists his recommendations for what NASA should do here.

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