Monday, December 1, 2008

Newest Comment on a potential Health Care X PRIZE

I wanted to share a comment that someone posted about a potential Health Care X PRIZE, which we are exploring with the help of WellPoint, Inc. We're looking for the areas that we should be exploring or trying to fix within the Healt Care System.

We'd love to hear other people's thoughts!

"The prize should focus on dramatically lowering the total cost of care (50-75%) while improving or holding constant quality and access. Total costs include all expenses involved in the diagnosis, treatment, resolution and on-going management of the injury, disease or other health problem. Focusing on the total cost of care means we avoid cost shifting from one stakeholder group to another and we are forced to align incentives.

The prize should be scoped to one high cost/risk patient population. Ideally, the prize will not target a specific process or subsystem in the healthcare system but provide a systemic goal (e.g. reduce the total cost of care for diabetes by 50-75%) and let the participants figure out what needs to be changed and how to achieve that.

This will likely require an emphasis on a chronic care model, re-alignment of incentives to focus payers, providers and patients on outcomes/value (or the behaviors we believe produce them), sophisticated demand/capacity management disciplines, a radical simplification of the concept of health insurance and increased support for consumerism."


Anonymous said...

brennan moriarty "socialvaccine" A.N.N.Y.T. GEOGRAPHY-social ecology, GENETICS- civil society... the war machine & DR.GOD?
A.N.N.Y.T. & P.G.E.S.E. [PeeGee 'easy'] 1,2,3... denial won't solve the worlds -criminal/terror/poverty/war problems...
these are quantified volunteer solutions.
I am an absolute vissionary here and I have quantified many policy recommendations ..QUANTIFIED!
preparing to do youtube presentation -had pot problem but I have LEFT Santa Cruz CA now... my life/fam...-
so pray to see a clear dynamic youtube presentation soon, still no "real computer"

Anonymous said...

I have the health care X prize!!! in quantified policy & volunteer recommendations. GEOGRAPHY & GENETICS are EVERYTHING! Along with time and space -the 3+1 dimentions of EVERYTHING- at socialvaccine"...
A.N.N.Y.T. & P.G.e.s.e. "easy"!

iNewton said...

Organization and streamlining... for crying out loud. Reduce the amount of man hours/assets/resources needed for tasks.

I believe a huge cost to medical care could be cut by developing a comprehensive and intelligent organizational system which can compensate for the unforeseen. And why are so many hospitals still on paper?

pragzz said...

I'm a bit with iNewton on this one, though I think the challenges go far beyond just this. Two resources I would point to on this front:

a. Atul Gawande's book "Better" which talks about the challenges of making the healthcare profession better; while highlighting ideas that work.

b. Paul Levy's excellent blog "Running a hospital" Levy is the CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston, MA, one of the largest and most well-respected hospitals in New England. When he came on board, the hospital was in great danger of bankruptcy and he was able to turn it around through transparency and innovative practices...all of which he has honestly blogged about. If you really want to know what are the issues in making healthcare more efficient and cheaper, and why its SO difficult, read his blog!

Anonymous said...

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