Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Links I liked and a question to the void

1. On one hand, the Indian tourism industry worries that mumbai attacks might turn away tourists just as they were entering peak tourist season for 2008-09. On the other hand, the Taj Mahal Hotel, site of the recent attacks becomes a hotbed of "disaster tourism"

2. A young muslim woman reflects on the real meaning of her religion and why it needs to be reclaimed.

3. How free is free speech, particularly when we use private search and post engines like google and YouTube?

4. A general question to the void: At the X PRIZE Foundation, we rely heavily on the telegenic nature of our prize concepts and how they can engage people. So I'm always wondering How does the media decide what stories to pick up??

During the Mumbai attacks, I was wondering about this for the following reason: the Mumbai attacks in no way contributed to India's most substantial death toll. (The 1947 Partition takes the cake, but that might be taking it too far back). More recently, more people died in the Mumbai train blasts from two years ago than in the recent Taj/Oberoi attacks. Yet one got all the attention. Why?? Was this an issue of race or wealth?? While the Mumbai attacks happened, atleast 300 people were killed in a Christian-Muslim clash in Nigeria. This got almost no attention...why is that?


iNewton said...

The timing is interesting here... I don't know if you listened to NPR's Fresh Air last night:

Christiane Amanpour is the interviewee, and she addresses much of these questions. One of the tragic points she makes is the 'critical mass' of journalistic attention that must be achieved for atrocities to be recognized.

pragzz said...

Thanks for calling my attention to this. I'm listening to it as we speak (I love Christiane!). Incidentally, she is doing a great report on genocide tonight at 9pm on CNN.