Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Learning to Love Africa

From Google's youtube channel, a beautiful and enlightening story by Monique Maddy, a native African, returning back to the continent of her birth to rebuild.

I fully subscribe to Monique's views. This is why I work at the X PRIZE Foundation. I believe that the right X PRIZE in Global Development will radically change the way aid is done moving forward, as well as (most importantly) create the paradigm that a developing country can fix itself using indigenous resources, without having to rely on traditional aid systems. Think of $2.3 Trillion being invested more wisely.
Upon graduating from Harvard Business School, Monique Maddy, born in Liberia and educated in Britain and the U.S., relocates to Tanzania to execute a start-up business providing telephone service. With the excitement attendant to starting a new company and the soul-searching of a young woman on a mission, Maddy brings personal experience and a different perspective on the troubled history of conquest and colonization of Africa, including the resettlement of American slaves in Liberia. Having worked for the UN, Maddy also brings a perspective on capitalism versus the benevolent efforts of world organizations.

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