Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A typical day for me

(photo source: Mike Rohde)

Q. What's a typical day like for you in the office?

(this question came courtesy of a friend of mine who has been reading this blog and doesn't get what I do in the office all day!)

A. Firstly, I speak only for myself...as everyone in the organization has a different role and therefore different responsibilities and types of work.

There isn't really a "typical day in the office." I have something called an "ideal day," and then there's the reality of what my day is like.

An "ideal day" would be an 8-hour workday with clearly outlined tasks and deliverables that I'm able to get through, go home and have a life. More importantly, it would mean that with everyday I would get slowly and methodically closer to finding this X PRIZE.

The reality of what my day is like is quite different. I'm often traveling, or preparing for a trip, or compiling the notes and minutes from a trip I just came back from. I often have phone meetings or in-person meetings with people/organizations who are interested, can potentially advise or provide significant value to the project. There's a lot of documentation, which takes up quite a bit of my time. And then there's the research, thinking, and formulating of a strategy and prize concept.

Because we run a very lean operation, I have many roles to fulfill. Granted I am a project manager...but largely, I'm a project manager of myself and the project. There's Emeka, who dedicates approximately 20% of his time to this project, and myself. Between the two of us, we need to engage the world and push forward a well-thought-out project that will ultimately have a significant impact on the world's poor. Essentially, no two days are alike. Most days I'm grateful for where I am and humbled by the responsibilities I have been given. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that I can fulfill them. Because...done right, this project could really change things for the world, in a very good way.

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