Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Globes are Made

(photo source: Bill in Ash Vegas)

I'm really enjoying this Chicago History Museum Youtube channel. Most of the videos are too Chicago-centric, but there are some that are generally interesting. Being a big traveler myself, and considering the nature of the prize that I'm working on, I thought this video about how globes are made would be of interest to you.


Anonymous said...

These are also pretty cool: - Magic Planet digital globes - Giant globes

The whole area of virtual globes like Google Earth, as well as GIS, is also interesting. Tools like these also touch upon many of the areas the X PRIZE Foundation is interested in: space (satellite data to put in the virtual globes), oceans (ocean floor maps), energy and environment (many environment monitoring applications), global entrepreneurship (visualizing human geography, location based services), and life sciences (spatial monitoring of diseases).

pragzz said...

SUPER cool! I can't seem to figure out how much the Magic Planet globes cost you know??