Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Global Live blogging about the elections

I've already been harassed by friends across South Asia enough...who, I'm embarrassed to say, know far more about U.S politics than I. Yes, I'm excited about these elections. Everyone is expecting record turn-outs today. That in itself makes me happy...democracy at its best!

From Jackfruity:

Globally liveblogging the American elections

As I mentioned last week, Columbia University's international affairs blog, The Morningside Post, is hosting a global liveblog of the election returns today.

Columbia professors David Epstein, Andrew Gelman, Brigitte Nacos and Sharyn O'Halloran will join bloggers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Russia, India, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil to comment as results come in and to offer opinions and analysis on the election's domestic and international implications. We'll also be posting election-related photos, videos and polls throughout the day.

Stop by any time between now and midnight EST (8:00 am Wednesday, Kampala time) to add your thoughts:

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