Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Child Soldiers: Guns and Ammo

Where are all the guns and ammo for these wars coming from?? (photo source:

sent me an email this morning with an excellent question. He says, "I have greatly enjoyed your post on child soldiers...its disturbing on so many levels. My question is about the weapons. Where are they coming from? How do they have weapons, but no money or food?"

In response, I will point you to two excellent sources - one a movie and the other a documentary - that explain the issue better than I ever could.

1. Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage. Its the enormously and disturbingly honest story of gunrunners, people who are the arms dealers and peddlers. Trailer is here (and below):

2. A FAR better source of information is this PBS Frontline/World documentary about gunrunners in Sierra Leone. Check out the website for scripts, exclusive interviews with the UN detectives who uncovered the story, the filmmakers, and other resources. Unfortunately, the video is not embeddable. But you can watch the video and other resources here.

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