Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Spotlight: WhiteAfrican

Erik Hersman (aka WhiteAfrican, aka HASH) presents at a conference.

Emeka, my colleague at the X PRIZE Foundation , introduced me to White African, a blog by a mzungu (East African term for caucasian) who spent most of his formative years in different parts of rural Africa. As a result, Erik is a wonderful blend of two cultures - American and African (he's somebody I would call African-American!).

I've now spoken to Erik a few times and have been struck by his depth of knowledge, commitment to developing Africa into an innovation hub, and passion for making the world better. He's a man of action, something I respect deeply. Follow his blog to keep up with the growth of African technology innovation. It provides a distinctly different picture to the typical Africa that's depicted in the media. His blog happily depicts the continent as being a vibrant, growing hub of activity.

Below is a video from his latest post that speaks to his own passion as well as links to two other projects that he is working on: Afrigadget (another blog I would highly recommend) and Ushahidi (crowd sourcing information network).

I'm proud to say that Erik (blogger name HASH) is part of our African advisory council for the X PRIZE in Global Development. If you know other people, including yourself, who could be valuable additions to our advisory council, PLEASE let us know. We are always on the lookout for the right people.


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