Friday, October 10, 2008

The man who brought students to the SpaceShipOne Launch

I was crusing the news the other day, and I found an interesting article about an Antelope Valley man named Gregg Anderson. He's a real estate developer in the area who has been an avid supporters of schools there. He's actually having the newest school named after him, which is quite an honor, I would imagine.

The reason I bring him up here is because back in 2004, he paid for 1400 students to take a trip out to the Mojave desert to witness the flight of SpaceShipOne. To me, it was a moving story, though the story was notably brief. This is the kind of charity that I really look for and see. Of course it's amazing when people donate millions and millions of dolalrs to a cause that they believe in. But the smaller acts of charity, the individualistic ones, are the acts that really make a personal difference. Anderson gave those 1400 kids a memory that they'll never forget. He directly affected their lives. And directly touching a few lives can be just as powerful as indirectly touching millions of lives.

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