Monday, October 6, 2008

Global Development Timeline: July 2008

Global Development: What happened in July?? (photo: phylersphan)

Things are moving at a frenzied pace here on the Global Development front. And we want to keep you updated. This is the first of a three part update and covers what happened in July 2008.

Emeka and I started in July, and have now been at the X PRIZE Foundation for three months. You all being our stakeholders, we wanted to let you know what we have been up to. (BTW, if you don't hear from us regularly, please ask! Sometimes things get crazy and it can be hard to remember what we've announced and what we haven't).

First (in July 2008) Emeka and I set about understanding the history behind this initiative - the Foundation's motivation, who our stakeholders are and their motivation, how the Prize had evolved, and how much work had already been done. We were happy to learn that there was a lot of interest and that the Prize had already gone through some evolution and iteration. All of this information was critical and valuable in deciding how to move forward.

Tomorrow, what we did in August 2008...

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