Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alternative education colleges, Part II

Keeping with the theme of alternative education colleges, we are really excited about this one.

Patrick Awuah was a high-flying Microsoft employee (during that time when it was really hard to get in!), when during a visit back home to Ghana, felt compelled to give something back to his community. He left his job and started Ashesi University, one of the first liberal arts universities in Sub Saharan Africa. Since it began in 2002, Ashesi has educated over 1200 students from eleven African countries, and has exchange programs with universities in the U.S and the middle east. And already the feedback in the blogosphere has been extremely positive.

Listen to Patrick talk about the dream of Ashesi becoming a reality, and the need to educate future leaders.

We're proud to say that Patrick and the staff/students at Ashesi are running a series of brainstorm sessions to generate Global Development prize ideas. What a wonderful exercise for both the students, staff, and for us! If you would like to run a session, let us know and we'll send you some materials to get you started. Also, we'd LOVE to get the outcomes of your brainstorms.

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