Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spirit of Competition in Japanese Baseball

Somehow I'm talking a lot about competition this week (not sure why). Hopefully, you'll enjoy this bit too.

When I get a chance, I love watching POV (supposed to stand for "Point of View") and Wide Angle, from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service, the only real independent channel in the United States). Both give very interesting points of view from around the world.

Recently, POV showcased Japanese school baseball programs. I had NO idea that baseball was such a national obsession. I knew about Ichiro and Daisuke (superstar Japanese baseball players now playing in the United States), but this was a whole eye-opening lesson for me. What I loved and appreciated more than anything else was the level of respect that the kids are taught to have for their opponents as well as for the spirit of competition. No trashtalking, no badmouthing; only pure respect. What an amazing way to bring up children of the world. And what if we were all brought up this way?? Differing viewpoints would be more readily taken in. Maybe the world would be a better place. Our kids would most certainly be better off!

Here's an excerpt; the team the filmmaker is following has just lost the regional competition.

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