Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speaking of spelling

Spelling ain't easy. Especially not in English. There is the hilarious I Love Lucy episode of Lucy telling Ricky to read a book in English. You can see the results for yourself. Try spelling half these words!

Then Boing Boing asks Ed to give them a lesson in spelling. Wait until the end, its funny and cute!

Ed Rondthaler, age 102, gives a very cool lesson about how odd the written English language is. Andy Cruz of House Industries says:

We had the privilege to spend a day filming Ed Rondthaler, the founder of Photo-Lettering, Inc., former president of the American Literacy Council and author of The Dictionary of Simplified American Spelling. Another living legend, writer/director Erich Weiss, is in the process of editing down all of the film we shot. Click here for the “trailer” he put together for us.

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