Monday, September 15, 2008

Second place...does it count??

Jockey Dean Deverell, after coming in 2nd at the Breeder's Cup, Ontario (photo source:

Not surprisingly, I love watching and being a part of competition...afterall, I work at the X PRIZE Foundation. But, so much of the attention is always focused on the first-place holder, "the winner" that I wonder about the people who just missed that mark; people who had worked just as hard, just as long and just missed it (I know all about it...second place should be tattooed on my behind!)

Here at the X PRIZE Foundation, we believe it does. Since the Ansari X PRIZE, we've tried to incorporate prizes for the second and third place winners. There is no reason that innovation should stop with the winner, and there is no reason why hard work shouldn't be rewarded. What about the bronze and silver medals. Don't they count as much??

Photographer Sandy Nicholson has a new book out that captures the emotions of the second place winners. I'm not keen on the title (2nd: The Face of Defeat), but the pictures are fascinating. Check it out on Time Magazine's excellent photoessay on her work:,29307,1838992,00.html

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