Friday, September 26, 2008

Moving Time!

As some of you probably know, especially if you read the Launchpad, the X PRIZE Foundation is moving offices! We're leaving lovely Santa Monica, and moving down the street to lovely Playa Vista. The move is actually taking place over the weekend, so we're all packing up like crazy today to get ready for the moving company. My desk has never had so little stuff on it. I have to say, I like the change.

This is what our reception/seating/lounge area currently looks like :)

It's a mess right now, but we're packing hard, and we're all excited about the new place! You can check out the Launchpad to see some pictures of the our soon-to-be new digs.

I'll keep you updated on our move, and show you some videos and pictures of the new office once we move in.

1 comment:

pragzz said...

I'm going to miss that place a lot. :(