Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to Live on a Schoolbus

An abandoned schoolbus that serves as a home, greets the sunrise (photo courtesy: Elm Studio)

How do you define a "house" or a "home"?? Some of the most interesting people I've met have grown up in (and made a home out of) some of the most unconventional places - pavements, roads, beaches, buses, trucks, boats, etc.

Boing Boing highlighted an Instructables post on how to convert a schoolbus into a livable/comfortable space. Don't be surprised...Chris McCandless aka Alex Supertramp of Into the Wild fame, and Paul Farmer from Partners in Health, both spent significant time in old schoolbuses. So why can't you or I?

So here's how Zim (the Instructables post-er) starts:
A few years back, I got tired of living the American Dream and struggling to keep up with a horrendous mortgage and rising credit card debt. I know there's really only two ways to balance a budget, spend less or earn more, and I didn't see a huge wage increase in the future. Also, I have always been interested in unusual homes and can't pass a two or three hundred square foot enclosure without wondering what interesting living space could be made there. Less space, less stuff, less consumed, less owed. It sounded like where I wanted to be.[...]

If buses aren't your thing, check out MAKE magazine's DIY on "how to make a bed."

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