Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Global Development: BIG WELCOME!

Are you nearly as excited as this kid?? Because we are! (photo courtesy: Foreign Imagery)

We begin! Welcome. We’re so excited to begin and have you join.

(uh…trying to leave?? too late…we’ve set our magic tracker on you!)

The X PRIZE Foundation wants to build a prize that will address the most pressing needs of the poor in the developing world. It’s a hard, hard problem that we’re trying to tackle. But we believe that there is a way, and with your feedback and involvement, we’re sure it will happen.

This blog is all about dialogue. Every week, we’ll tell you about what we’re thinking, reading, listening to, and doing. And you can tell us what’s going on from your end. Send us your ideas, your thoughts, your videos, your comments. We’re here to learn.

Just one big ground rule. If you want to criticize, make it constructive.

So here’s the big question to get you started:

If you had $10 Million to address the most pressing needs of the poor in the developing world, what need(s) would you address? And how would you do it?


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of having prizes complement each other. This could happen in various ways, like new prizes that take advantage of the already-existing publicity, teams, sponsors, or even rules of older prizes. This approach would be helpful to the new prize as well as to the older prize. Some examples of this kind of approach (using X PRIZEs as examples):

- a global development prize that takes advantage of the Ansari X PRIZE vehicles, demonstrating their use as platforms for remote sensing of agriculture for food security, water, weather, climate, land use, and other factors that affect global development. The demonstration might be actual remote sensing from the vehicle, testing of environment satellite instruments in space conditions, measurements that are made mainly to complement and test satellite measurements, or actual launch of a small environment satellite focused on measurements pertinent to global development from a suborbital vehicle.

- a global development prize that compliments the Automotive X PRIZE, but that is focused on increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles that help global development. This might mean fuel efficient farm equipment, buses or other shared transportation, or very affordable cars.

- a global development prize that uses cheap genome sequencing of the type addressed by the Genomics X PRIZE to improve global agriculture or fight diseases that mainly affect developing regions.

pragzz said...

Wow, great ideas! Didn't think about it from this perspective, so thanks! We will definitely look into these further.